• Exhibition “Pioneers and Adventurers in Solar Energy”

In the footsteps of the pioneers…

Since the 1960s, solar energy has enabled men to envision a sustainable future that respects the environment. To continue to dream and to explore the world, some pioneers have moved away from fossil fuels to find another source of mobility. Ingenious amateurs and brilliant researchers, often surrounded by enthusiastic teams, have demonstrated the great potential of solar energy through their incredible machines driven by the sun. On land, on the water or in the air, photovoltaic energy has been developed through visionary projects. From the first solar car to the solar cars of today, from Solar Craft I, the first solar boat in history, to PlanetSolar, a huge solar catamaran that made the first solar-powered world tour, from the first flight of Solar One in 1978 to Solar Impulse’s aerial world tour, PlanetSolar Foundation preserves and shows to the public the most memorable episodes in the history of solar adventures.

An original exhibition

The traveling exhibition “Pioneers and Adventurers in Solar Energy” presents to the public for the first time objects and audio-visual documents tracing the history of solar adventures. It presents :

  • the first solar boat in history, Solar Craft I (1974)
  • a 1: 15 scale model of PlanetSolar (solar tour world boat, 2010/2012)
  • the original model and an old plan of Solar One, the first solar airplane in history (1978)
  • one of the four propellers of Solar Impulse, aircraft of the first around the world by air with solar energy (2015/2016) as well as a model of Solar Impulse
  • elements of the Proto-Solaire (1987), Swiss solar car having made a stage of the Paris-Dakar
  • images of the first solar car in history (1960)
  • a 10-minute documentary gathering, in chronological order, audiovisual archives of the main solar adventures since the 1960s



  • from 6 to 25 of May 2019: Avry Center, Migros supermarket
  • from 2 to 15 of June 2019: La Chaux-de-Fonds, Migros Métropole Center
  • from 19 of September to the 2 of October 2019: Sails of St-Tropez, Saint-Tropez (France)


  • from 4 of February to 15 of March 2020: Quartier Libre SIG, Geneva
  • Spring 2020: inauguration of ExplorIT (Kindercity) at Y-Parc, Yverdon-les-Bains


Exhibition teaser