“PlanetSolar II” plant produces its first kilowatts!

On June 13, 2019, the PlanetSolar Foundation inaugurated its solar power plant “PlanetSolar II” installed on the roof of MPS Micro Precision Systems SA in Biel. With the Foundation’s partners, donors and ecodonators, and with the employees of the MPS plant, it is with these words that Raphaël Domjan, president of the PlanetSolar Foundation, and Nicola Thibaudeau, CEO of MPS, presented the project. : “Solar energy is not only good for the environment, it’s profitable! “. The energy produced by the solar power plant and sold directly to MPS will cover the operating costs of the Foundation.

Promoting solar energy and fighting against global warming: these are the goals of the PlanetSolar Foundation. So what’s better as a demonstration project than the realization of a solar power plant that will cover the fixed annual operating costs of the Foundation! With CHF 80’000.- of investment, the Foundation will have back CHF 18’000.- each year… A safe and profitable investment!

Why name of this solar plant is “PlanetSolar II”? The boat “PlanetSolar”, having achieved between 2010 and 2012 the first round the world solar energy, had a power of 94 kW. However, the plant installed in Biel allows about the same production, with a power of 101kW. Of a similar dimension, this solar power plant was named “PlanetSolar II” in honor of its sailing sister.

MPS Micro Precision Systems SA has made its roof available for this project, and has committed to buy back from the PlanetSolar Foundation the energy produced by “PlanetSolar II”. Many thanks to MPS for its trust and support in our solar projects. Thanks to Soleol SA, partner of the Foundation and solar installer of this plant. And also thanks to all the partners, donors and ecodonators for their precious support!

To follow in real time the production of the PlanetSolar II solar power station, go to this page.