• The Team

The Round the World tour crew

Raphaël Domjan


Initiator of the project and expedition leader

Patrick Marchesseau


Skipper, from Monaco to Nouméa, Gulf of Aden crossing

Erwann Le Rouzic


Skipper, from Nouméa to Monaco

Jens Langwasser


Head of the PlanetSolar build and quartermaster onboard

Christian Ochsenbein


Electrical engineer

Mikaela Von Koskull


Team member from Monaco to Galápagos Islands

Daniel Stahl


Electrician and team member from Monaco to Cartagena (Colombia)

Raphaël Domjan, PlanetSolar initiator and expedition leader

Raphaël Domjan was born in 1972 in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. Since his childhood he has been passionate about adventure and exploration. It was the perspective of global warming, seen through the melting of a glacier in Iceland, that would lead him to consider solar energy as a chance for the future. In order to promote it throughout the world and demonstrate its potential he thought of making the first world tour entirely fuelled by the sun’s energy. The PlanetSolar project was the result of that dream, carried out by the crew of the largest solar catamaran in the world.

Once he had chosen the demonstration route for promoting clean energies and energy efficiency, Raphaël led adventure and exploration projects. Today these are no longer intended to discover new, still unknown lands or beat records. Their aim is to protect the environment and offer future perspectives in a sustainable world.

Raphaël is now an eco-explorer and lecturer who, through his SolarPlanet foundation, is committed to protection of the planet, biodiversity, the atmosphere and the environment in Switzerland and throughout the world. Raphaël is also committed to various humanitarian projects. He would like to promote the use of renewable energies in developing countries and thus enable them to become independent in energy whilst developing new technologies

Co-founders of PlanetSolar

Raphaël Domjan
Stefan Nowak
Pierre-Marcel Favre
Jean-François Affolter

Sébastien Fanti
Jean-Luc Vautravers
Mark Wuest
Pascal Goulpié

Technical Team, communication, office

Alexis Domjan
Joël Sunier
Pascal Goulpié
Pierre Carroz
Corinne Mottu
Catherine Maher
Patrick Cotting

Claudia Babl
Wiktor Korewa
Mathieu Pape
Florence Weber
Jean-Marc Paratte
Rachel Bros de Puechredon
Kornelia Kneissl


Albert II de Monaco
HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco

Gérard d’Aboville
Sailor and former MEP

Christophe Keckeis
Former Chief of the Swiss Armed Forces

Albert Falco
Diver, aquanaut and second-in-command to Jacques-Yves Cousteau

Pierre-Marcel Favre
Swiss publisher

Jean-Michel Cousteau
Son of Jacques-Yves Cousteau and founder of Ocean Futures Society

Jean Verne
Grandson of Jules Verne

Nando Parrado
Survivor of Flight 571 Fuerza Aérea Uruguaya and author of Miracle in the Andes

Jean-Louis Etienne
Doctor and French explorer

Jean-Luc Van Den Heede
French sailor

Kenichi Horie
Japanese yachtsman, author of the first crossing of the Pacific in a solar boat

Jason Lewis
American actor

Serge Roethli
Swiss mountain guide

Nicolas Prantzos
Astrophysicist, Research Director at CNRS

Fernand Cuche
Former Member of the Council of State Neuchâtel

Jean-Louis Aucouturier
Professor at the IXL laboratory, Bordeaux

André Schneider
Managing Director of Geneva Airport, former Vice-Chairmen of EPFL

Jean-Loup Chrétien
French astronaut

Jacques Rougerie
French architect and oceanographer