• The Foundation

Our vision

The Fondation PlanetSolar is a Swiss public interest foundation which wishes to show that there are human-scale solutions for coping with climate change. It promotes the development of new concepts and technologies to enable humans to reduce their impact on the planet, the climate and the environment, and to make their activities sustainable. The shared resolve of its founders was to ensure the continued existence of the philosophy which steered the PlanetSolar adventure, the first solar-powered Round the World tour (2010-2012).

The Foundation now supports and leads various projects in the fields of solar power and energy efficiency. Accompanied by its Chairman, Raphaël Domjan, a team is working to carry out and support exploration and communications projects, in order to promote the use of solar energy both in Switzerland and throughout the world.

Our missions based on 3 axes


The Foundation intends to take part in exploring the extraordinary potential of solar energy through experimental ecology assignments and scientific research projects.

Humanitarian Aspect

The Foundation organises and supports humanitarian projects related to solar energy. It promotes and carries out the installation of stand-alone solar systems in the disadvantaged areas of the world to make energy accessible.


The Foundation assumes the task of preserving and showcasing the memory and heritage of the pioneers of solar energy through exhibitions, books and conferences.