PlanetSolar II christened and ready for the expedition on Lake Titicaca in 2025

PlanetSolar II was christened on Wednesday, May 22, in the port of Hauterive (NE), in front of a group of scientists, partners of the PlanetSolar Foundation, and friends of the eco-explorer Raphaël Domjan. This ceremony marked the launch of the solar and solidarity navigation and scientific missions project on Lake Titicaca, in Peru, scheduled for 2025. This expedition on the highest navigable body of water in the world, supported by the FPA2, the foundation of H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco dedicated to environmental protection, will play a pioneering and exploratory role. It will promote solar energy in a fragile ecosystem impacted by combustion engine navigation. The binational Peruvian and Bolivian authority managing the lake eagerly awaits this mission and has already assured its support. The classes of Christine Liebe and Ana Costa from Neuchâtel will follow the expedition remotely.

The boat-taxi PlanetSolar II will embark on a scientific mission on Lake Titicaca in Peru, 50 years after Commander Cousteau’s expedition on the world’s highest navigable lake. Christophe Delaere, an archaeologist specializing in Lake Titicaca, and Xavier Lazzaro, an oceanographer living in Bolivia, will manage the observation and protection missions of the lake. This project will be the subject of a documentary film to extend the awareness-raising action of this expedition. Stéphane Milliere, director of Gédéon Films, was present at the christening.

On this festive and moving occasion, the PlanetSolar Foundation announced that another mission it is conducting is about to reach a milestone in its journey towards a greener atmosphere: SolarStratos will see Raphaël Domjan attempt this summer to set the world altitude record for a manned electric and solar-powered aircraft above the Swiss Alps, from Sion (Valais).